Damián Foray

Damian was born in 1985, in Rosario, Santa Fe province, Argentina. Acrobat and Physical Education Teacher.

He started his training independently in 2004 with different teachers, seminars, conventions, festivals, where he worked with juggling, whips, ranka and petit volant techniques, specializing in high Chinese Pole acrobatics.

He taught at E.M.A.U., Municipal School of Urban Arts and Social Circus, located in Rosario city. (2010-2012).

He belonged to different companies, such as Duo Malpractice, The Clownish, Circoticos, Compañía Circo Rosario, Decuarta generacion, and currently Mano a Mano circus.

In the year 2014, he started playing music with the trumpet at the National University, School of Music, with the teacher and professor Facundo Andrés Lugente.

He trained with different teachers, such as Gustavo Mono Silva, Videla Bros Creole circus, Jorge Albuerne (Spain), Foucauld Falguerolles (France), Cristian Escobar Ormanzabal (Chile), Juan Palacios, Gustavo Zitto, Aldo Duboe both graduated from the Physical Education Training School and former elite gymnasts.